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About 800Castors!

The idea of selling a wheel was established in the early 80s, nearly a quarter of a century ago, to cater the prime requirement of business needs prevailing in the trade & supply of Castor wheels and its related products. We have, over each passing year, firmly established ourselves as a market leader in the Manufacturing & Supply sector for Wheels and Castors. We are the largest stockist of standard and special Castor wheels and the fixings associated with it. We value customer satisfaction through integrity and teamwork and hold our standards high. Our continuous innovation, creative mind-set, and our attention to detail to see our customers’ succeed is what drives us to deliver superior performance.

Unique Design

Our products have unique and attractive finishes and are perfect for furniture, retail, and hospitality and other applications.

Pure & Simple

We serve the best quality of product to our customer in an innovative way with an affordable cost .

Caster Wheels

Caster Wheels helps for the rolling movement of a large object. It is available in wide range of size and indifferent materials such as cast iron, polyurethane,forged steel and so on.

Varieties Of Products

Caster Wheels
Aluminium Ladder
Cranes & Pulleys

Excellent Support

Every organization has good days and bad days and the way the team coalesces during each defines the service you deliver. We are lucky enough to have a wonderful team for supporting our customers.


Mechanically Fasteners are used to join or affixes two or more objects together. stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel are the three major steel fasteners used in industries.

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